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2023 Richardson Cup Men's League

Wow 56 Teams!

Rule & etiquette reminders

  • Keep pace with the group in front of you, regardless of where the group behind you is. 

  • Preferred lies are only permitted in the fairway cut (not rough) on the hole being played./ one club length. Casual water and other damage is a different rule where relief is considered. 

  • Holes and Putts can be conceded at any time, there are still handicap rules to count your score if this is applicable, please ask questions if you don't understand these rules. Once a match is won we still play holes for quarter points though. 

  • Strokes are based off your handicap from the white tees/ not index. It needs to be converted to handicap.  For the fairness of the entire field all games should be posted on Golf Canada Score Centre or the Golf Canada Ap there is no reason not to post every 18 hole round and in some cases 9 or 15 hole rounds. 

  • Format for play and scoring

  • Only book a tee time when you know when your opponent is available to play

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