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Men’s and Ladies Member Leagues

Richardson Cup Men’s Night & Ladies Team Match Play



To provide an organized club activity to promote golfing and social participation for the enjoyment of the members. Open to all members 18 years and older.



Four Ball Best ball: definition is “a match in which two (team) play their better ball (score) against the better ball of the other two players (opponents).

9 hole matches. No player substitutions and all matches must be played on stipulated date.

Matches are played over a 10 week schedule beginning in early June, draw is done randomly from the entries received prior to the practice round approximately one week before the official schedule starts.


Determination of match points:

Prior to starting the opposing teams will state their current course handicaps to determine the number of net holes, if any that one team gets. Team handicap is combined total of two players although allowable difference for teammates is 10.


Combined handicaps:

 0 - 10 : 0 hole

11 - 20: 1 hole

21 - 30: 2 holes

31 - 40: 3 holes

41 - 50: 4 holes

51 - 60: 5 holes

61 - 70: 6 holes

71+: 7 holes

From that point on whenever team wins a hole they will either add to or subtract from that starting number of holes. Tied holes do not change the status of the score. When one team has a total of holes to its credit that is greater than the holes remaining that team wins the match and is awarded 4 points. Any holes won thereafter will result in the team winning the hole receiving a ¼ point. Matches that end in ties will result in each team receiving 2 points.

Play for men’s night is from the white tees and ladies night from the red tees and handicaps should be checked according to that course handicap.


Arrangement of Matches:

An official schedule and weekly starting sheets will be in the pro shop for sign up starting at 3pm one week prior to each scheduled match. It is the responsibility of both teams to contact each other or refer to the earliest time list for opponents before signing for a starting time.


Recording of points:

It is mandatory that each team post their points immediately after the match, including nil points so that participants and captains can accurately monitor team standings.

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