Covid-19   Operational Plan & Public Notice

Country Meadows Golf Club

Update for Orange Phase:

Besides all mandates below we now must restrict seating at tables to single household bubble. Tables are spaced appropriately for distancing between tables. All of the Yellow phase requirements are still in effect. 

Updated for indoor golf practice and bar operations December 31, 2020 (yellow phase)


  • “As in every public indoor space, everyone must wear an appropriate mask that covers their mouth and nose at all times except when they are eating or drinking whole seated in areas that meet physical distancing and/or physical barrier requirements.”

  • Face mask does not replace physical distancing when using indoor spaces. “Patrons and staff must not be permitted to congregate in groups. Patrons must always maintain a minimum of two metres between themselves and others, with the exception of members of the same household or bubble.”

  • “Operators of venues that offer recreational activity services must ensure that patrons using those services always wear an appropriate face Mask”

  • Please stay at home if you are sick, “entry must be restricted to visitors and staff who have no symptoms of COVID-19.”

  • Dated attendance logs will be used to track name, contact information.

  • We will have alcohol-based hand sanitizer available and as that it be used when entering and leaving practice area.

  • Occupancy for the facility must be based on our ability to maintain physical distancing and further restrictions will be implemented if it becomes necessary with appointments.

  • “For sport and recreation facilities, general guidance would be for patrons to wear masks during low-intensity fitness activities where practical and tolerable as well as at times while not conducting the activity.”

  • “Physical distancing may be reduced to 1 metre at venues where seating is provided for employees and visitors when community face masks are used at all times. The 1 metre rule only applies in areas of the venue where seating is provided.”

  • Golf balls can be collected and reused by the same player, but will be changed out between players and isolated for 24 hours before reused.

  • Extra cleaning and disinfecting will be continued throughout the clubhouse for the safety of our visitors and staff.



Happy New Year and Stay Safe! See you soon.






November 19, 2020

Orange Phase of recovery Update beginning Nov 20th

How it effects the golf course, we will do our very best to keep our staff and customers safe through this phase we appreciate your co-operation, lets do this to keep all of our family and friends safe leading up to the holiday season. 

Black print is direct copy of the guidelines applicable to our business, red print is our interpretations and operational plans. 


Subject to the Public Health and WorkSafeNB COVID-19 general guidance, the following activities are allowed:

  • Single household bubble. Power carts will be single riders except for people living in the same household.

  • Essential travel only is recommended in and out of Orange level zones, however, people can continue to travel within the province for work, school, essential errands and medical appointments. Although we will miss our visitors from outside Zone 1 we expect that many will miss their last few games of the season due to this recommendation. 

  • Outdoor gatherings with physical distancing of 25 people or fewer are permitted. Physical distancing is required in all other settings.

  • Put on a mask when nearing the clubhouse and wear inside unless you are seated with someone in your own household. Wearing face masks is mandatory in public spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Wear a mask outside the clubhouse in areas where physical distancing is not maintained. Outdoor public spaces include parks, playgrounds, markets, festival sites, dog parks, and walking trails. A mask is not required while walking, jogging or cycling with people in the same bubble, where they are unlikely to encounter people, or risk coming within two metres of, people from outside their bubble.Single household bubble.

  • All other businesses, including food, beverage and retail, may operate under a COVID-19 operational plan. Distancing of two meters is required where food and beverages are served. Record keeping for seated venues is a requirement. Single household bubbles must be maintained. For example, people may not sit with people from another household at a restaurant. We will reset the clubhouse with very limited seating, do not rearrange chairs or tables!






October 27, 2020


Still open daily, weather permitting, pre-book for either course due to the current Covid-19 mandate, regardless how busy the course is, tracking is absolutely mandatory!


Parking lot and outside clubhouse areas where people gather before and after golf (paths, deck, driving range) if you are not 6 feet from every person not in your bubble you must wear a mask. 


In the clubhouse: Masks are mandatory when entering the clubhouse/pro shop and moving around inside. The only exception is when seated. You are welcome to come in and sit anytime but you are required to where a mask until you are seated at a pre-set seat/table. We again ask that you leave chairs and table set-up for everyone's safety if your group is not a bubble group. You may not realize who is more vulnerable to the virus that you are leaving at risk. Besides tee times we must track who is seated in the clubhouse at all times. 


On the golf course: assuming you can manage to keep physical distanced from people outside your bubble you can  play golf without wearing a mask. Players in same bubble are welcom to ride on same golf cart. 


Stay safe and we hope to see you soon!





June 24, 2020

Updates for Members & Guests

We've been open 2 months now during Covid-19 regulations for the 2020 season and so many things have changed I wanted to update and remind everyone of the latest news. (which may change again on the weekend or next Monday we realize)


One of the most noticeable things over the past 2 weeks or so is how comfortable everyone is becoming although our Health Authority is still warning everyone to be careful. We are definitely grateful that you are, but we still need to be reminded that there is a pandemic going on and not everyone is as comfortable so we will try to give you your space so please do the same for others. 2m or 6ft unless you are bubbled. Most have or know a more vulnerable person in their bubble so lets keep vigilant and safe. 



  • All Tee-times must still be pre-booked by phone or online, walkons are not permitted. This includes the par 3 course (phone bookings only). We have always attempted to track who is on the course for many reasons including emergencies and for business planning purposes, now we must keep track for contact tracing

  • Prepayment is no longer necessary for green fees or driving range purchases

  • Cash payment in the clubhouse and pro shop now permitted

  • All groups must check in with the pro shop before starting, and everyone should be prepared to wait for their tee time to start unless directed by the Pro shop. If your group has changed players since booked we need to know that before you play.

  • Power cart rentals, seasonal and per round are now based per seat, (few exceptions apply) those bubbled are now welcome to ride together, (but not forced) but seat prices still apply. Sorry there are no free rides. Carts are washed and sanitized between rounds. 

  • Driving Range; we are now using the tokens for the ball dispencer, baskets and tokens are sanitized multiple times per day. Prices remain the best around: $4.00 for small bucket of 40 golf balls. Range balls are not permitted to be used on the putting green or short range (player must have own golf balls). 

  • Food and Beverages are available in the clubhouse, and patio tables are setup outside, please only add chairs to table set-ups when you are joining people in your bubble. Bar cart is not on course yet but coming soon! We have cooler bags and ice on hand at the bar if you would like to pick up cold refreshments when going out or at the turn. 

  • We will continue to monitor updates from the NB Government and Health Authorities and do our best to share new plans. 




Tee time update: 


Beginning Wednesday June 3rd Tee times will begin at 7am daily running until 7pm. Members may start booking online or in person at 6:30 daily, clubhouse doors will open at 6:30 as well. Public players will be able to book beginning at 8am daily. 

Tee-time intervals have also been changed recently to 10 minutes, under the current concerns and regulations of Covid-19 we need to remind those who do not share a family and friends bubble that they need to keep our 2M distance. We are all friends at Country Meadows but we are not all in the same bubble! Lets play safe and do business safely for all of us and our families, friends and community. 

Covid-19 Updated Changes as of May 25th


Under Phase 3 (Yellow), individuals are still required to maintain maintaining physical distancing measures along with continued adherence to the general guidelines from Public Health and the Guidelines for New Brunswick Workplaces issued by WorkSafe NB. The only changes for golf courses are regarding new bubble restrictions and retail (pro shop).


"Extension of Bubble Families to Family and Friends Bubble"

Your household bubble will be extended to all close friends and family that you would normally see on a regular basis. These will no longer be exclusive. Large gatherings beyond that circle would be discouraged."  


How will this effect Country Meadows?

Golfers are now permitted to share a cart if they are from the same household or bubble family members and friends, but may still drive alone if they prefer, we will ask but trust players to abide by these rules. New schedule of cart seat prices is applicable in all cases. If an extra person rides with a season pass holder in their bubble they will be required to pay for the other seat. There is now a member price and a public price. 


Flag sticks: The reduction of touch points will continue to be important. We will continue to enforce restrictions around touching and or removing the flag stick from the cup. Golf ball Hands Free Lift devices will soon be attached to the flag sticks for easy removal of golf balls that enter the hole. Using a putter or club lift the handle on the lift device and the golf ball will roll away, do not touch the handle with hands! If you need to turn it when putting closer to the hole please use your putter and the device handle to do so. Please continue to remember to Physical distance on the greens, especially with players outside your “bubble”. Continuous putting may save time if needed.  Flag sticks will continue to be sanitized daily before play begins. Thank you to all who have contributed to the production of prototypes and finished product to get the devices for improved golf experience for everyone.

A full size flag with demo unit will be available at the practice green when this starts.


Bar & Restaurant service changes: orders will continue to be placed at the bar. Food will be delivered by staff wearing a mask for both your protection. Menu’s will currently remain posted rather than passed around, menu will also be updated on our website regularly. When you leave your table please leave your glasses & dishes in place for cleanup, we will clean-up and sanitize before our next member or guest uses the space. Please do not sit at a table with dishes left behind. While your group may be able to share a table under the Bubble family member and friends guidelines it is mandatory that the six feet of space to the next adjacent table/chairs must be maintained, only when this works will chairs be able to be added to a table setup. This applies inside or on either patio.


Pro Shop: Pro shop and Starter hours will begin to change on Wednesday, May 27th to alleviate the wait times at the bar currently being experienced. Shop hours will be posted on the shop door window/chalk board. When a starter is on duty (busiest days) they will assist you first with tee times, carts and driving range (except for payments). If you do not meet a starter outside proceed to the pro shop, if it is locked there will be a sign in the window directing you to the bar if there is no starter outside. As the requirements for close monitoring of tee times has been mandated we will continue to make changes for how best to utilize our staff and customer relations. The shop will be cleaned/sanitized daily and hand sanitizer available for staff and customers. Workers must practice physical distancing by keeping 2 meters(6 ft) apart from co-workers and customers at all times, use barrier at counter or face mask when needed otherwise. We will limit the number of customers in pro shop based on 6 ft distancing requirements and 2 doors are available for best practices as well. Please do not linger with friends to chat if other customers need attention or are looking for something when you complete your business. If or when needed we will place floor markings for physical distancing requirements. We will continue to put sanitized baskets of range balls out for pick up and range balls cannot be used on putting green or short range.



It is VERY IMPORTANT to remember. While the Province of New Brunswick has continued to loosen restrictions, COVID-19 continues to pose a significant health risk to New Brunswickers, Atlantic Canadians, Canada and the world. While it will be very easy to lose sight of the greater picture, it is critical to recognize that the decisions of our industry do not just affect the golf industry in New Brunswick, but the province as a whole and as Premier Higgs noted in his announcement on Wednesday, May 20th; "The new found freedom we have is one that we have earned collectively, but it is one that we can lose individually!"“


Gatherings with social distancing of 50 or fewer (May 29th unless cancelled by NB Public Health) "Public gatherings with social distancing of 50 or fewer are now allowed. This will make it possible for larger religious services, weddings and funerals to take place. The limit on gatherings will be reviewed on a regular basis according to risk based on the evolution of the situation in New Brunswick.”  As for golf course operations as noted above this does not change any procedures or plans due to space restrictions in the clubhouse.








May 12th the latest news:

Following the May 8th announcements and interpretations for the new rules and updated questions answered from Public Health for the Golf industry we have updates! We have prepared an operational plan for staff to follow and the following applies directly to our Patrons, Member & Guests.

“During the recovery phase, it is important to understand that this is NOT business as usual, and that the directives and advice outlined in this document will remain in place until the risk is effectively controlled (which may include availability of specific COVID-19 treatments or vaccine) depending upon how the situation of COVID-19 evolves.” (New Brunswick government)


Covid Screening: YOU SHOULD NOT GO TO THE GOLF COURSE IF YOU FEEL SICK. If you have 2 or more of the following symptoms, stay home, self-isolate, and call 811: • fever or signs of a fever (such as chills) • new cough or worsening of a chronic cough • sore throat • headache • runny nose • new onset of fatigue • new onset of muscle pain • diarrhea • loss of taste or smell.


Beginning Friday May 15th

Tee times will be at 12 minute intervals, with the following rules still in place:

  • Physical distancing, good hand hygiene and not touching flagsticks are still mandated.

  • All tee times and range balls must be pre-booked and prepaid before arrival. Online tee sheet is also available.

  • Power carts will remain used by single riders unless people reside in the same household. Bubble families do not apply and clubs from a person from outside your household are not permitted on your cart.

  • Push carts will be available on May 15 also, season and daily rentals are available.

  • Driving range remains open, prepaid when possible.

  • Groups of up to 10 people may gather with physical distancing guidelines respected, inside and outside the clubhouse, on the course, driving range and parking lot.



Clubhouse, and Patio access has been updated, food service will be expanded, with following rules in place:

  • Physical distancing for persons not residing in the same household is required at all times.

  • New menu, with your CM favorites, will be available on May 15th Kitchen hours (orders placed) will be 11am to 8pm until further notice.

  • Food and Beverage orders will need to be placed at the bar and picked up when brought to front counter by server/bartender. Please allow staff to deliver items under the spacing protocols for you to pick up once they have moved away. Take out orders and curbside delivery are available.

  • One person on stairs at any time, one person in each washroom at any time if physical distancing cannot be used.

  • Tables and chairs are pre-set and marked for 6ft distancing between patrons and must be left in place. Rectangular tables set for those from different households, 2 persons per table. Round tables are set for single household or bubble families, chairs may only be added if safe to do so without encroaching on the next table if it’s in use. Please do not sit at a table that has not yet been cleared and sanitized by a server.

  • Groups of up to 10 people may gather with physical distancing guidelines respected, inside and outside the clubhouse, on the course, driving range and parking lot.

  • As recommended we are not accepting cash payments for the current time. Payment terminals are sanitized between uses and tap is available for some purchases.


Pro Shop is being prepared for shopping and an opening sale will happen in the near future, please contact a staff member in person, by phone or email to assist you with any purchases until that time.

On course or Bar car services will be back once we have protocols in place for safe service for staff and members. In the meantime service is available at the clubhouse between #6 & 7 and at the turn.

Portable washrooms, with utmost caution we are not yet ready to open the portable washroom facilities on course. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Golf Lessons, Clinics, Leagues and tournaments:

  • We are currently investigating our options for leagues and group clinics, with limitations on gatherings this will take more planning and we will update information when available. All tournaments are currently not recommended but we are monitoring updates.


How to book an online tee time click HERE


May 5th, 2020

Reminders for all players:

  • Physical distancing is still very important even though there are few cases in NB, we all want to keep it that way. If you are not using the driving range before your round, arriving no more than 15 minutes before your round is expected. Gathering post round is not permitted.

  • The next time holes/cups & flags are changed, potentially there will be pool noodles in the cups but not raised cups, please remember that flag sticks are still no touch even though they are sanitized daily. 

  • No walk-ons for either golf course is permitted at this time. 

  • Pace of Play - as always we encourage all play at a reasonable pace about a 2 hour 9 hole and 4 hour 18 hole round, which has been quite good so far with the 20 minute intervals. It is not encouraged that groups rush anyone or to play through at this time under Physical Distancing regulations. Please call the clubhouse if you have significant issues and do not approach other players. 

  • Member Booking and Cancellations - As you know with the current 20 minute intervals it is sometimes difficult to get a tee-time, please consider that and only book for those you have confirmed with and cancel at least 2 hours before a tee-time if you need to cancel so we can fit in another member(s).

  • Green Fee booking and cancellations - All times and carts must be prebooked and prepaid so we will need at least 2 hours notice for cancellation (especially when the weather is good) for rain check or refund to be issued. You will likely need to call to arrange either. 

  • We will continue to take calls for tee-time booking but combining online will speed up the process. 

  • As per regulations there is no gathering in the clubhouse, no tables and chairs are accessible. We have reconfigured clubhouse access for washroom access is front door only, one person per washroom at any time. Side door access for snacks, beverages, sandwiches, scorecards and other small items paid by debit or credit at the counter for take-out only. One person at a time in this limited space. We have a staff only area at the back of the clubhouse with social distancing for staff breaks and lunches only. 

Online Booking 

If electronic booking on site over the phone goes well tomorrow we will go live on Thursday, May 7th . 7:30 for members and 9am for Public Booking.

  • If you are an active 2020 Member you can book online for yourself and your group as long as they are active as well, if we have missed activating a paid member, my apologies, and please contact us by phone or email to have corrected. Members can book guests but need to call to prepay those before arrival at the course. 

  • Public/Green fee players will be required to prepay to confirm their booking, don't forget the carts if you need them.

  • While we are restricted on tee times please expect singles, twosomes and threesomes will be added to other groups. 

Booking Procedure:

Member Id (or player id) can be found on your receipt or retrievable from the staff. Will start with CMGO_ _ _ _ followed by numbers. Call or email if necessary.​

Password is golf (until or unless you change it)


  1. Choose date

  2. Choose 9 or 18 holes

  3. Choose 1-2-3-4 players

  4. Choose a closest to time and pick one of the options

  5. Choose walking or riding

  6. Your name will be Player 1

  7.  Important**** If you are playing with other members -Choose “Add a playing partner and search BY LAST NAME from the members list. This way the member will be entered correctly and if they have an email address they will get a tee time confirmation.

  8. If you are playing with non-members you can add names in place of guest or leave guest and we will ask at check-in. We do need to track all players onsite. 


Note: Tee times can be edited or deleted online up to two hours before the tee time. Otherwise please call the golf club. 858-8909


Please feel free to ask more questions. The staff will be happy to assist you.





May 1st, 2020


Updates and reminders at the end of Week 1, 2020 


As many of you know we have been overwhelmed with the demand for tee-times this week, we apologize for not being able to accommodate everyone everyday but this is all new and we didn't want to wait to open before all the glitches were solved and they probably wouldn't have been anyway.


  • As of Saturday Morning MEMBERS ONLY will be able to book from 7:30am until 9:00 am each day, for any tee time for the following two days. We will also have the online Tee-sheet activated within a couple of days and this will be in place for the online booking as well. We will monitor this over the next week and assess how it works out for the members. 

  • In the next few days in order to be ready for the online booking be sure you know your CMGO#### for logging in to Tee-on, especially for members, and you will need to look in the memberlist in the system to add fellow members to your group. If you add Guest or type a name the system reads that at a non-member and you will not be able to book them without paying. We are also working on a step by step description to distribute on our website. Your CMGO # can be emailed to you if requested. 

  • As per regulations the is no gathering in the clubhouse, no tables and chairs are accessible. We have reconfigured clubhouse access a bit in the past few days, washroom access is front door only, one person per washroom at any time.

  • Side door access for snacks, beverages, sandwiches, scorecards and other small items paid by debit or credit at the counter for take-out only. One person at a time in this limited space. We have a staff only area at the back of the clubhouse with social distancing for staff breaks and lunches only. 


Play safe, Physical Distance, don't touch the flagsticks. Welcome to the 2020 golf season. 







April 30 Update

We are currently fully booked for today and tomorrow unless we have cancellations. Since we are only permitted 20 minute tee times we are at less than 50% capacity compared to regular times. Please make plans early if you plan to play and call early 2 days in advance for your tee time. Currently we are answering the phones beginning at 7:30 with times beginning at 8am.

We are changing our clubhouse process as of today. The front door will be used for washroom access only, with only one person in each washroom at a time. The clubhouse attendant will monitor access from inside. Please assure 6 ft distancing if you are waiting.

Food and Beverage purchases will be available from the side (glass) door near the pro shop (closed) entrance. The space has been restricted and we will allow 1 person at a time to enter to pick up and go. If you prefer the starter will communicate with inside staff to order and we will deliver to you with tap card machine for payment.

Membership payments and arrangements must be made by phone or etransfer under these restrictions due to the limited access to the clubhouse. The office phone will be answered when time permits for these payments. 506-383-2979 Thank you for your patience.


All of the new protocols are to protect everyone, stay 6 feet or 2 metres from everyone, staff and other customers. Never shake hands or fist bump or high 5 anyone outside those you live with. Although we are cleaning all common touch surfaces often please be aware of what you are touching and wash or sanitize hands often.

On the course the cups are raised and although the flag sticks are sanitized daily there is a no touch policy in place. When your ball comes in contact with the cup the hole is finished. Continuous putting is encouraged on the greens for distancing purposes.


Lets remember to stay safe, use 6 ft physical distancing at all times!



April 29, 2020

Wow what a start!


First thing we want to do is thank all New Brunswicker's for Staying home, physical distanced when they couldn't and washing their hands when we were told so the Government of New Brunswick could allow us to safely open up golf so we could get outside, get some exercise and enjoy the golf we love. Thanks to our essential workers who have been looking after the rest of us and will continue to do that. Hope you get a chance to play some golf too. 

Thanks to everyone who played and were patient with us while we manage to offer our services safely. 


Things are a bit confusing at first, the new normal is a bit more complicated for golf but it is all worthwhile if we can continue to play in a safe manner. 


As followup to our original announcements I can more easily walk you through arranging your game and arrival at the course and purchase from food, beverage and the pro shop.


All of the new protocols are to protect everyone, stay 6 feet or 2 metres from everyone,staff and other customers. Never shake hands or fist bump or high 5 anyone outside those you live with.  Although we are cleaning all common touch surfaces often please be aware of what you are touching and wash or sanitize hands often. 


Before you go to the course:


  1. We book tee times up to 2 days in advance, beginning at 7:30am daily with tee times beginning at 8am (changed). We will move back to 7am start in a week or 2. Currently booking only over the phone, please be patient, the phone has been very busy. 506-858-8909.

  2. All tee times and power cart rentals must be prebooked and prepaid, (NO WALK-ONS). 

  3. Power carts are not permitted to be shared unless the occupants live in the same household, the bubble family does not apply. Each individual may rent a cart alone at a special seat price. 

  4. Rental clubs are prohibited and club sharing is also not permitted. 

  5. We are booking in 20 minute intervals so please understand we are at less than half capacity so it's important to make your plans before you call to book. It would be appreciated that the booking player could pay for the group, although we realize that may not be possible, we cannot hold an entire group if prepayment is not possible.

  6. We are working to get to the online tee-sheet but there are updates to be done for the prepaid mandate. 

  7. Membership payments will be managed by phone only currently also expanding our website to be able to accept online payments in the near future.

  8. Please note currently there are no rental pull/push carts available.

  9. Driving Range must also be prepaid if possible and if you have a package a quick call of heads up for us that you are coming would be appreciated. We prepare and sanitize the baskets ahead. 

  10. Remember that all gathering in groups is prohibited.

  11. Please arrive 10 minutes before your tee time.

  12. Pro shop is currently closed except for pick up/curbside please call ahead or discuss with the starter. 


When you arrive at the course & on the course:


  1. Note the front door is used primarily for access to washrooms and for servers from the bar/foodservice area. 

  2. The starter will greet you on arrival or go to the side/glass door and wait for someone to come to you. Please respect physical distancing regulations.

  3. Starter will direct you for range balls,and provide you a key if you have prebooked a car rental. Ask for a scorecard if you need one and you will be directed.

  4. Putting green and short range are accessible using own equipment and golf balls and distancing. Driving range balls are not permitted on the short range at this time.

  5. Driving range is open but please do not gather in groups around other players. 

  6. We have experienced great pace of play so far and that is appreciated, please keep pace for an approximately 4 hour round with 20 minute pacing it is more difficult to keep the group in front in sight sometimes but please try to be aware if you are getting behind, being aware if a group is getting close behind you may be getting behind. At the same time we would appreciate not pushing the group ahead if you are a particularly quick group, the 20 minute spacing is in place to keep groups spaced without needing to play through when possible. 

  7. On the course the cups are raised and although the flag sticks are sanitized daily there is a no touch policy in place. When your ball comes in contact with the cup the hole is finished. Continuous putting is encouraged on the greens for distancing purposes.

  8. There are not ball washers or rakes on course. Feel free to consider the bunkers ground under repair for current time.

  9. We are working on menu and snack supplies f-or your convenience, from the course if you are looking for something at the turn,  find the server or starter to order when you finish #9, or call ahead, and it will be prepared and delivered to the deck area. Payments can be made with our wireless terminal and with tap where possible, please remember to keep your distance from the server and they will place your items and step away from the terminal for you to approach. We are interested in your input if you would be interested in hot meal take out for the way home.

  10. On course washrooms are currently closed, we have been given permission to re-open once we feel we can monitor them and keep them cleaned daily. 

  11. Gatherings following rounds are discouraged at this time, even though we do miss you hanging around. 

  12. Lets play safe everyone to stay open.







April 24, 2020


Did you hear the News, we have been given permission to open, but under strict regulation!

Please read all of the following as each is very important for us to remain open safely so we can all enjoy getting out golfing.


  • Physical distancing must be used at all times, 6 ft/2m between people unless they live under the same roof, wash hands and use hand sanitizers provided in clubhouse when needed. There will be no group gatherings in or around the clubhouse or in the parking lot. 

Golf Course


  • All tee times must be pre-booked and pre-paid so we will be extending tee time-s from 7am to 7pm daily (NO WALK-ONS PERMITTED, NO CASH PERMITTED)


  • Driving range will be open, please pre-book buckets and staff will deliver them to the range, ball dispenser machine is OUT OF BOUNDS FOR CUSTOMERS. (could be delayed on Saturday)

  • Mandated 20 minutes between tee times

  • Keep the flagstick in. Cups will be raised and flags must not be touched. Hole is completed when the ball contacts the cup. 

  • No ball washers or rakes are available on the course.

  • Walking is encouraged but rental push carts are not available.

  • Power carts will have one person only, unless occupants live under the same roof.

  • Don't share golf clubs, or other equipment from another golfer, no rental clubs available.

  • On course washrooms(portables) are mandated closed. 



  • Open for washrooms only, only one person at a time per washroom and on the stairs. Tables and chairs are removed to fulfill the guidelines. 

  • We have been permitted to do take out and to-go food and beverage but it must be pre-ordered, call the clubhouse ahead and we will have ready what we can. Please understand on this short notice there will not be much food available on the weekend, we wanted to let you play golf asap but we didn't have time to prepare for much food. 

  • The bar car is not permitted at this time. Put us on your speed dial for pick up.

  • There will be sanitizer available near each entrance/exit and we are prepared for the extra cleaning and sanitizing that is required to keep our staff and customers safe. 


"The Province of New Brunswick has established this set of Guidelines and Regulations for New Brunswick golf courses to follow as they prepare for the start of the 2020 season", we expect they will evolve and change as time goes on as with all things the past 6 weeks. Please be patient we will do our best to follow the guidelines and inform you as they change. 

Please, Play safe!

Opening Green fee and Cart Pricing: 

$25.00 Walking 

$45.00 Riding

per person


Shared Power Cart rental is only available for people who live under the same roof, everyone else must ride alone. Therefore our prices must be adjusted for singles/seats for everyone else.

Shared cart cost remains at $575. +hst = $661.25

Seat rental for season will be $347.50 +hst = $399.63

More news early next week!

© 2018 Country Meadows Golf Club