Country Meadows Golf Club News

September 22, 2021 Update from Province of NB

1. Masks are NOW MANDATORY in all indoor spaces. 


2. It is NOT MANDATORY to show proof of vaccination and Identification to access our Pro Shop as per the new regulations brought in by the Province of NB. Access to the Pro shop for non-vaccinated will be through the outside door only, at the Patio. 


3.  It is NOT MANDATORY to show proof of vaccination and Identification to enter our washrooms, access for non vaccinated golfers will be restricted to the front door entrance only. 


4. It is MANDATORY that we check proof of vaccination and identification(if necessary) for anyone over 12 years of age entering the remainder of the clubhouse and patio seating areas.  We request patrons entering the clubhouse for food & beverage or to sit in the lounge area to travel through the side/glass door near the pro shop. Everyone will be checked before entrance is permitted. If no one meets you at the main entrance to check your Vaccine status please knock on the door or adjacent window or go in the pro shop to be checked. The door between the pro shop and clubhouse will be closed to accessing the clubhouse from the pro shop. Once members are checked we will attempt to keep your name recorded for regular access if you prefer not to be rechecked each visit but please be patient as this is new to us as well and we may need to recheck sometimes. Washroom entrance from outside will be the front door near #10. Vaccinated patrons can access the upstairs once indoors as usual. 


5. Access to the door near 6 green going to the lounge/bar will be limited to those who have already shown proof of vaccination to enter the clubhouse. 


Please be aware that these rules are subject to change at anytime and we will enforce the rules for the safety of our staff and guests at all times. 





Friday July 30, 2021

Club news update: please read carefully


The New Brunswick “Path to Green” is coming into effect at Midnight tonight. The news we have been waiting for is here. The biggest change of course will be the end of the mask mandate. We will no longer require members and guests to wear masks in the clubhouse, we will request you are aware that some will not be as comfortable around strangers so please be aware and keep your space when it is busy inside. Our staff will not be mandated to wear masks either. The barriers at both counters will remain in place for a bit as we see how the opening goes. If you prefer a server wear a mask when delivering food or beverage please let them know. We are all in this together and want to stay open so please do your part with distancing in crowds when you are not among friends. We will continue to keep frequently touched surfaces cleaned as usual.


Clubhouse seating will only be expanded when needed for everyone’s comfort, we have been at half capacity and look forward to needing more space as our friends become more comfortable coming in before and after rounds to enjoy or food and beverage offerings.


For the golf course:

The flagsticks may be taken out if you wish, of course the rules of golf do allow you to continue to leave them in if you prefer, and it likely speeds up play. Please be careful with the flags while the pucks are still attached to keep from damaging holes and green surfaces when laying them down. They will likely be removed unless we go back to further restrictions.


Ball washers will be put back on the tees, but please be patient as this is a big job for our small crew when there are many other things to keep up with.


We continue to ask all golfers to pre-book tee-times and check in at the pro shop before proceeding to the first tee. We need to keep record of the traffic and plan staffing based on traffic so appreciate your cooperation with this as always. We will not be changing the policy of not allowing players out before tee times at 7am.


Power Carts should now be travelling with two riders. Aside from a few couples we have been charging a seat price and leaving the choice to share up to the golfers. This was explained with the Covid-19 mandates when seats were rented that this policy would change when the mandate was gone and it was safe to ride with others. We have incurred significant extra expenses of fuel, maintenance, sanitizers and staffing to be sure we were prepared that everyone could ride safely during the pandemic restrictions. We have no bubbles, masks or restrictions so we would appreciate you going back to join your playing partners in sharing carts starting your next round. If you have a major concern with this please bring it to management and not to the front line staff when you arrive to play.


We’re hoping this opening of restrictions will be continued for the remainder of the season but please understand that if required any of the previous restrictions are implemented again the above could change.


Thank you for your continued support for us at Country Meadows, we do really like seeing everyone enjoying their rounds and the 19th hole as well.











As of April 25, 2021

To: Country Meadows Club members and Guests, golfing or not golfing,


As a workplace and service provider in NB we continue take all reasonable steps to minimize the risk of Covid-19 transmission among employees, members and other visitors. The following are specific mandated rules we believe to fit in the golf course, food and beverage and retail business we operate. Please familiarize yourself with them before you arrive.

Many of the restrictions and recommendations are similar to the 2020 golf season but a few have been changed and some as recently as April 25.

  1. Household bubble and Steady 15 will be reminded throughout our correspondence until it is changed.

  2. “Effective on Saturday, April 24 at 11:59 p.m., truck drivers who regularly cross borders and all other regular cross-border commuters will be required to follow modified self-isolation guidelines for 14 days upon arrival in New Brunswick. These individuals must stay at home at all times, except for medical needs or to pick up necessities of life, as long as they can do so while avoiding contact with others by using curbside pickup or delivery. Other members of the household will not be required to self-isolate. These rules apply to all New Brunswick truck drivers and regular cross-border commuters regardless of their vaccination status. As part of the modified self-isolation guidelines, truck drivers and regular cross-border commuters should stay away from other members of their household as much as possible. Other household members should minimize contact with others and follow all Public Health guidelines that apply to their health zone’s alert level. These rules apply regardless of whether or not the traveller has been vaccinated.”


For the Golf Course:


All golfers must arrange a tee-time prior to arrival, no walk-on players permitted. Groups on the course are to be a maximum of 4 players at all times. A representative of each group going to play should have a representative, at a minimum, check in at the pro shop before going to the first tee. There is no starting on the 10th hole without permission from the pro shop.


Scorecards will be available from each counter when needed, no bulk scorecards and pencils will be out for pick up.


Power carts – (once they are available) may only be shared by individuals from the same household  or steady 15, if you are in the same steady 15 we would appreciate you sharing a cart if you are paying for a seat only. Golf bags of players not seated on a cart are not permitted unless the extra is a household member or part of steady 15. Cart keys will need to be picked up at check-in.


Flagsticks are equipped with a hockey puck so that the golf balls do not fall to the bottom of the cup, ball must be retrieved without removing the flagstick, they are sanitized only once per day and are considered no touch surfaces please.


Rakes will not be placed near the bunkers on the course for Covid-19 safety reasons, your ball may be picked up the sand smoothed and ball replaced for play under the rules of golf during Covid-19.


Ball washers will not be placed on course.


Portable washrooms are out of service until spring cleaning can be done and we have staffing level to do regular daily cleaning.

These recommendations are for safety of all golfers to reduce touchpoints during your round.

Some benches will be placed where occurrences of backups on course occasionally happen, please be aware that physical distancing should always be to of mind. Use of hand sanitizers recommended when using outside facilities like washrooms and benches.


Back in the clubhouse

We are required to take reasonable steps to prevent gatherings and having patrons who are not part of the same “Steady 15, household bubble from seating at the same table”. Please understand that the staff all consider our members our friends but we cannot all be in the same “Steady 15” so after golf socializing may be effected by this order, sometimes we will sit alone and we will not be able to invite you to join us, but look forward to the days when we can safely do this again.

We are also obligated by the mandate from GNB to track everyone seated in the clubhouse with date and time of day, and contact info for at least one person per group or table. Tables are set with six foot distance between and we request you do not move the tables or chairs. We do not need to collect data for take out services from the clubhouse or pro shop which would include the driving range.


Masks must be worn in public spaces (including retail businesses, malls, service centres, public transport, etc.). However, masks are not a substitute for physical distancing.” In the immediate area surrounding the clubhouse masks would be recommended when physical distancing is difficult to maintain. “Everyone is prohibited from knowingly approaching within 2 metres of every other person except members of their extended household bubble/Steady 15”. A person does not violate this prohibition who comes within two metres of another person inadvertently, very briefly, or despite best efforts to avoid close contact with others.”

Washrooms in clubhouse will not be limited but we do expect golfers and other guests to respect the physical distancing protocols mentioned above.

Please be aware of the pro shop space limitations and wait outside if there does not appear to be 2 metres of space for you.

Staff may/will ask any guests / members to leave the property if they witness any of the safety protocols being ignored.


 References taken from:

Thank you for your attention to these Covid-19 Protocols as we hope to enjoy another great summer of golf and safe socializing. 

Saturday April 17, 2021

Spring brings surprises, some good, some not so good. 


Based on the current weather forecast and snow coverage we will close the course Saturday April 17 through Monday, April 19th. We will assess the conditions Monday to determine if it will be playable on Tuesday and email and re-open the online booking at that time. Clubhouse will reopen on Monday to receive phone calls. 


To those who came out yesterday, thank you for the great start and we hope to see you soon. 





Monday April 12, 2021

The news you've been waiting for is here!

Please read all the details

  • The golf course will be open on Friday, April 16th for WALKING golfers only

  • Online booking at will be available on Thu Apr 15 beginning at 7:30am when the clubhouse also opens. Bookings will be taken beginning at 8am and run through 7pm. Two day booking window will be available starting Thursday also. 

  • Pre-booking is necessary, online or by phone, no walk-ons please.

  • Driving range will also open for irons only practice

  • Full kitchen will not be open for at least 10 days, we will have sandwiches and snacks available at the bar. 

  • Update on Power carts will be sent when available. 

  • Covid-19 restrictions are still in place and further details will be distributed on Thursday and with all online bookings. 

  • Please continue to Physical Distance and masks must be worn in clubhouse at all times except when seated with food and beverages. Please remember your personal bubble friends and family when socializing. Lets stay safe for another great golf season. 

Spring Green Fees will be $25.00 HST included. 



Online Booking Procedure:

Member Id (or player id) can be found on your receipt or retrievable from the staff. Will start with CMGO_ _ _ _ followed by numbers. Call or email if necessary.​

Password is golf (until or unless you change it)

March 22, 2021

Back in Yellow phase, and Spring has arrived. Fortunately our bubbles have grown but we still have many restrictions to follow in our buildings like mask wearing and physical distancing. This makes crowds more concerning in clubhouse. We will continue to have clubhouse open as below, and please respect personal bubbles and not moving tables and chairs without checking before. Please stay safe until so we can get out and enjoy another golf season soon!


February 10, 2021

Orange Phase is back! 


We will re-open the clubhouse for Practice Thursday thru Sunday from noon until 5pm each day.

  • Reservations required for practice. Time slots will be in 40 minute increments for the first week, we will assess how that works and change if needed next week.

  • Please call or email to book a spot, if you email please leave a phone number in case there is a conflict. 

  • If you book a spot please arrive in time to change footwear or get ready for your time, as they are limited.

  • You are welcome to stay after or arrive early and tables will be set up for your use. Bar is Open too. 

  • Please note the Masks must be worn at all times in the clubhouse unless you are seated at a table with food or beverage. 

  • Please be aware that we cannot all be in everyone's "steady 10", we will be our usual welcoming group but lets stay safe and follow the guidelines and sit only with our steady 10. 

  • Click to find Details to the Orange phase of Recovery

January 20, 2021

Due to Covid-19 situation in New Brunswick and the Red Phase of Recovery the clubhouse will be closed until further notice. Please stay safe and we hope to be open again soon. We can still be reached by email or office phone 383-2979